The product Colorbond is utilised in a variety of settings, particularly for roofs, fences, and gates. It is without a doubt one of the strongest, longest-lasting, and most aesthetically pleasing building materials used in Brisbane and all of Australia. Colorbond fence is a desirable option for Brisbane and South East Queensland residents for all these reasons, especially given the low maintenance requirements. To keep it in good shape, though, it does require some maintenance. Maintaining it properly will maintain it in good condition and lower the cost of replacing or repairing Colorbond. Colorbond fences and gates often require little maintenance.

Here are 10 tips to maintain your colorbond fence

1. Hose it down

Regular hosing of the fence is essential to maintaining it in top shape. Essentially, this gets rid of the cobwebs that collect on fences and eventually cause the fence to lose some of its attractiveness. Of course, a good downpour would be equally effective in this case, and the fence would not be harmed by the water. It’s best to wash down your fence more frequently if you reside close to Perth’s coastline regions with salty air.

2. When washing your fence, use gentle products.

Despite the tough surfaces of Colorbond fences and gates, you should be delicate when cleaning them. Instead of using strong cleaning agents, choose a mild solution of soap and detergent or a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner in warm water. To remove dirt and debris, use a moist sponge or a soft brush.

3. Remove accumulated soil

While rain, sprinklers, or water from hosing won’t harm your fence or gates, if the fence is constantly in touch with water for weeks or months on end, the metal may begin to corrode. Your Colorbond fences may become harmed if soil collects and retains moisture at the base of the fence. You would be better off getting a shovel and making sure the dirt levels at the base of the fence stay low. Your fence is not intended to be utilised as a retaining wall, and you should never do this.

4. Avoid using fertilisers

Be careful not to fertilise or spray garden sprays on the fence as this can be harmful. Additionally, fertilisers frequently include corrosive substances like ammonium sulphate that should not be used with metal. You should wash off your Colorbond gate or fence as soon as possible if it unintentionally comes into contact with fertilisers.

5. Prevent rainfall puddles

Rainfall may also be harmful if it collects at the base of your fencing because that will weaken the integrity of the fence. The simplest approach to solve this is to make sure there is enough drainage so that rainwater doesn’t collect. To give your fence enough room for appropriate drainage, you might need to perform some landscaping work. For early indications of deterioration, which may be brought on by too much water collecting up against fences, the area around a fence should be periodically inspected.

6. Don’t use touch-up paint

If at all possible, avoid it. It’s strongly advised against using touch-up paint to repair tiny scratches on your fencing. The colour and gloss retention attributes are a result of the manufacturing process; as a result, the surface is known to weather slightly differently than paint that dries by air-curing. As the various colours fade, your fence may end up looking blotchy if you decide to touch it up.

7. To combat fading and chalking, use paint.

You can use ordinary paint to repaint your fence if you must. It is advisable to first give it a thorough cleaning by mopping with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to hose the surface down with water before allowing it to dry. After thoroughly cleaning the fence, you ought to coat it with premium water-based external acrylic. The suggested number of jackets is two. But keep in mind that doing so will nullify your Bluescope guarantee.

8. Resolve graffiti issues as soon as you can

There is nothing more upsetting than going outside to your front lawn and seeing that your lovely fence has been vandalised by graffiti artists. While you will want to remove the graffiti, you do not want to do so in a way that voids your guarantee. Graffiti removal is permitted by BlueScope, but only when used in accordance with their rules. Use DuPont graffiti remover specifically, and make sure to adhere to the instructions on the packaging. You may get Du-Pont from various local hardware stores such as Bunnings.

9. Verify that nothing is obstructing your fence.

Even if your fence is sturdy and long-lasting, large things leaning against it over time might erode it. Additionally, leaning objects against your Colorbond fence and gates may leave marks and scratches.

10. Speak with a Colorbond fencing professional or contractor

Consult professionals for help if you still have questions about how to maintain your Colorbond fence. They may give you more specific guidelines on how to keep your fence looking lovely.

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