The most often used metal is aluminium, followed by stainless steel. It serves a variety of functions across several sectors. Aluminum supplies have a huge impact on the design of applications, from decorative items to mechanical parts, aluminium slat fencing and even aircrafts.

There are numerous grades of aluminium as well, largely because of its strengths-to-weight and corrosion-resistance characteristics. Its versatility, which enables the fabrication of multiple alloys with marginally varied properties, is another factor contributing to its popularity.

The alloying additives used are indicated by the grades of aluminium. These alloys may contain varying amounts of copper, silicon, manganese, zinc, or a combination of these elements.

There are countless grades, but some are more prevalent than others.

Aluminum 3003

3003 is the most often used type of aluminium alloy. It is mostly employed in the production of kitchenware, aluminium storage tanks, and architectural components. Manganese has been added to pure aluminium to boost strength by up to 20% without reducing flexibility in 3003.

This keeps it very practicable. The material 3003 cannot be heated, though. A more sophisticated substitute for 3003 is another alloy, 5005.

Despite having a somewhat superior quality due to magnesium being the primary alloying element, 5005 is less popular due to its greater price.

5052 Aluminum

This alloy is the strongest among non-heat treatable alloys and has excellent salt water corrosion resistance. As a result, it is a top option for marine parts and components. Most frequently, this alloy is used to produce higher-quality home equipment.

Additionally, it is employed in the production of heavy-duty cooking utensils and aviation components. Later, 5083 was created as an upgrade to 5052. It has various advantages, including improved welding properties and design effectiveness.

Aluminum 6061

Next up, a variety of heat-treatable alloys follow, with the 6061 in the lead. In the building and architectural sectors, it is the most widely utilised aluminium alloy.

Given that 6061 is workable, weldable, and has good cold formidability, AMD Supply sells a variety of 6061 supplies.

This grade is ideal for sheets, extrusions, tubes, pylons, and applications associated to the department of transportation thanks to all of its characteristics. Another fantastic quality of this alloy is how easily it can be polished to a flawless finish.

Aluminum 6063

While 6061 aluminium is employed in construction, 6063 aluminium has been given the title of “architectural alloy.” Due to its excellent finishing qualities and high tensile properties, it is the one that is frequently utilised in aluminium extrusions. It is the alloy that supply frequently uses in both our hardware and extrusions.

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