It doesn’t matter if you are replacing your existing residential wood fence or installing a aluminum fencing for a first time. This is especially important given Brisbane’s heat and sun.

Many fence contractors and owners in Brisbane prefer aluminum slat fence to alternatives such as wood and iron – and with good reason. We will discuss the benefits of aluminum slat fencing materials for residential and commercial fences in this blog.

Advantages of aluminum fence materials

A classic look and lower cost

An aluminum fence is almost identical to its steel- or wrought iron counterparts. Aluminum fences are much cheaper than other metal fences because they are lighter and require less specialized production.

Aluminum fencing is lighter than steel and weighs 67% less. This means that it’s easier to transport and install. Aluminum fence materials have a lower labor cost and a higher ROI for each fence installation project.

Can be used on different topographies

If you have an uneven or hilly property, only fence materials that can follow slopes are allowed. is the most adaptable fence panel on the market. It can be adjusted to suit your yard’s topography. Aluminum fencing will make sure that your fence is completely solid. This will allow you to keep your yard looking great and secure. Even keeping your dog safe in your backyard.

These gaps can be distracting for the eyes and could also act as entrances for animals or intruders. can help you save time when installing fences on uneven ground.

Less chance of corrosion

The chances of a metal fence corroding will depend on the materials used for its base and finish.

Aluminum fences are extremely resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum, unlike steel is a nonferrous metal, which reduces the possibility of corrosion. Aluminum does not react strongly with water. Aluminum fencing will eliminate the need to treat or prevent rust.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminium is a very easy material to maintain. Aluminum fences don’t need to be renewed as often as wood fences. They just need to be painted and finished.

You will need to clean your aluminum fence of any leaves or twigs, and then hose it off with water.

Aluminium Fence Wholesale

Brisbane homeowners and commercial operators are realising the benefits of aluminum fencing. can help homeowners decide if an aluminum fence is right for them., a Brisbane aluminum fence manufacturer, is consistently ranked as one of the best in the SE QLD. Contact us to get the best aluminum fence wholesale prices or visit any of our Brisbane location to learn more about our aluminum fencing products.


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