Modern, contemporary homes use aluminium slat fencing for gates, fences and balustrades. It is a very popular choice for many reasons. It’s easy to see why so many homeowners love this minimalist yet striking design.

The slat fence is an original design. Although it is simple, it makes a powerful statement and gives it a stunning appeal. It’s also very innovative, which is why it’s so popular with homeowners. The aluminium design is practical and easy-to-install.

This fencing option is a great choice if you are looking for a modern fence that will look amazing and be durable. Aluminium Slates is the leading supplier and installer of high-quality aluminium fencing, gates, screens, shutters and balustrades in South East Queensland. We offer the best fencing options at affordable prices.

Why choose Slat Fencing?

Slat fencing can be a great option for your home. Aluminium is a great choice and fits perfectly with the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast lifestyle. Gone of the days of homes with faded and rotting timber slats.

Wood is a popular choice for building gates and fences. When done correctly, the look is elegant and classic. At least, it is at first. This can change as time goes by. The elements determine how dramatic and drastic the change will be.

Wood requires a lot of maintenance. Wood’s natural beauty is very sought-after, but it can be difficult to maintain. Climate is the number one enemy to wood as a fencing material. The climate can make wood warp, rot and eventually deteriorate. This material needs to be maintained in a high quality manner, including regular painting and sealing.

Aluminium is an excellent choice over wood. These are our top four reasons that aluminium slat fencing Perth makes a great choice for your home.

A Practical and Affordable Alternative

Do you have a budget in place? Wrought iron is not the right choice. This material is long-lasting and durable, but it can be very costly. There are two options. The first would be wood. It’s also high-maintenance, susceptible to rot and deterioration as well as highly-priced. So the second option is the practical alternative–aluminium.

Aluminium slat fencing Perth offers a cost-effective, durable and economical alternative. This material is durable and reliable. Plus, it’s low-maintenance.

Aluminium Slats Don’t Rust

Aluminium, unlike steel and wrought iron, is rust-resistant. It’s an excellent fencing material.

Very Functional, and Easy to Install

Aluminum is an easy-to-use fencing material. You can easily install and customize aluminum fencing because it is lightweight. You can add decorative elements to your gate. Aluminum is the answer! This could be the fencing solution that you are looking for.

They look great

Aluminium looks just like wood. Aluminium can be used in any architectural style and adds aesthetic value to your home. It’s durable and long-lasting, unlike wood.


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