Aluminum slat fencing is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, especially in South East Queensland. People in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast search for attractive, low-maintenance solutions to hide their yard and house from the nosy eyes of neighbours and passersby. Aluminum slat fencing enhances a property’s kerb appeal and security. When selecting aluminium slat fencing, you should take into account a few crucial factors to ensure that it remains sturdy and attractive for many years.

1. The aluminium slat screens’ quality

Unfortunately, certain weak aluminium slat systems are available on the market and will sag with time. Before placing an order, it is crucial to inspect and feel the aluminium slat to ensure its quality. Aluminum slats from are made from only quality aluminium that is 65mm wide and a sturdy 16mm thick.

2. Installation Workmanship

A decent aluminium slat fence’s installation is just as important as the fence itself. Check online reviews and enquire around to see if the installation has a decent reputation and experience. To guarantee a high-quality installation, ask your technician the following questions:

3. Aluminum Slat Screen Customisation

An off-the-shelf slat product won’t do because your home is special to you. In order for your aluminium slat fencing to match exactly against your current walls or fences, look for a reliable source. It is advisable to make sure you have the freedom to select the desired height, length, or slat spacing. Select a manufacturer of aluminium slats that will let you customise your gates. The best way to build and install aluminium slat fencing is to follow your precise needs and thorough specifications.

4. The separation between the aluminium slats

Aluminum slats from are customizable, so you can decide how far apart they should be to match your needs and those of your local council. Your local council will have specific regulations limiting fence height and the distance between slats that are permitted. Prior to deciding on the height and space between slats, it is crucial to be aware of these laws.

5. The Color Selection for Aluminum Slats

Picking a Color

The ability to select an aluminium slat colour that complements your unique style is crucial. Many customers decide to match the colour of their aluminium slats to the colour of their window and door frames, their colorbond roof, or both. You should browse around to find a source who can provide a screen in the precise colour you want because many suppliers of aluminium slatted screens have a very small selection of colours.

The powder coating’s quality

Over the course of its lifetime, your outdoor aluminium slat fencing will be exposed to all types of weather, and you want it to continue to look nice. Verify that your supplier employs a high-quality powder-coat. uses a gold-accredited Interpon powder coating to custom powder-coat aluminium slats in the majority of colours, including all popular colorbond hues, for a smooth, long-lasting surface. Even Wood Effect is a possibility here. It is crucial to keep in mind that even the strongest power-coat finish will eventually deteriorate with time.

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